The Diesel Systems division at Bosch develops, manufactures and implements diesel systems that make vehicles more efficient and environmentally friendly. As the world's largest producer of diesel injection systems Bosch supplies always the right system for each customer and each application.


For decades’ thousands ships outfitted with MTU engines sails the seas, rivers and lakes around the world. The reliability, efficiency and performance of these drive systems has proved itself time and time again. These engines have unrivalled lifetime. Of course, these engines meet all requirements of the relevant classification societies.


For over 100 years, Delphi has a passion for making the parts that ensure that vehicles run better, last longer and are more efficient. Our technology comes into every aspect of a vehicle, from electronic steering, suspension, brakes, engine management to fuel systems. Aiming for safer, greener and more connected solutions for the automotive sector.

John Deere

Since 1975, John Deere, the specialist in diesel also develops custom solutions for ship owners. Thanks to its outstanding torque, durability, low fuel consumption and easy maintenance, the engines of John Deere has proven day after day, to be the best choice.


Yanmar provides sustainable technical solutions, products and services related to diesel engines and other power applications to help you get your job done while taking into account man and nature. Therefore we believe in partnership with our customers and we listen to their needs and interest. Our Innovation reliability and efficiency are at your service.


Zenoro generators are designed to provide reliable energy to luxury yachts. Zenoro makes premium generators in the range of 55 ekW/50 Hz to 760 ekW/60 Hz. The generators can be supplied customized with hybrid technology and exhaust gas after treatment.


Balmar knows how to charge your battery systems. For over 30 years Balmar provides the Marine industry in DC charging and battery monitor systems Balmar is known for its innovation, expert technical service and product reliability.

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